Easy Peasy Pegboard

Hey all!

I’ve been happy to see that there was a lot of interest in my earring display. Hope the funky feet weren’t too difficult to correct for anyone that used the design.

I’m back again with another useful display freebie, this time with a DIY pegboard pattern.

Wasn’t sure if anyone had posted this before, so if it’s a dupe… sorry!

There are 160 slots in total and will fit nicely in the center of a sheet of proofgrade. Each peg hole is .2 inches, which is the perfect size for any 1/8th inch pegboard hooks and accessories.

Pegboard is totally customizable and super easy to duplicate.

If you’d like to create your own, just space .2" or larger holes 1" apart in each direction.

Here’s a picture of my final pegboard application, which I’m using in an A frame jewelry display for pop up markets.

Hope you enjoy and find useful - talk to you all soon!



Thank you. That’s a smart display idea for smaller items.

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Yeah, looks quite handy for jewelry shops. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could be useful but do not see file.

she did not post the file but the instructions were there.


I’ll hook it up with the svg file this evening :slight_smile:

Of course that’s not difficult to do but I believe I saw a post from @dan indicating that if you post in this section that a file is included?


Hey all, was an oversight on my part - will post the file this evening as I mentioned.

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Good afternoon, I like this. Has the file been removed and if so is there any way you could send to me?

It’s hard to see because it’s faint, but it’s underneath the photograph. Right click on it and choose Save Image As to download it.


Thank you. I missed that completely

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Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for!

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is it 1" on center of hole or from outside to outside?

Very useful! And thank you for sharing the design!

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From edge to edge but please verify in Inkscape or similar - it’s been quite some time since I created this file. It’s designed to fit most general-use pegboard accessories.

Thank you so much for thinking of us.

Ha! This is great! I wanted to make my own pegboard a while back but found it time consuming. This was way before I got my glowforge. This will be useful for me. Thank you!

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Great Share!


how do i get the svg file for this?

Right-click and download it.