Easy Software Feature Updates (Rotating, Cannot Modify Size, and Moving Pieces)

  1. Some easy way to flip 90/180/270 degrees.
  2. A button that will make it so that the size of the pieces cannot be changed. Or make that the default!!!
  3. Make it easier to highlight and move smaller pieces. Right now I am changing the view % and it seems like there should be a better way.

Hold shift while you rotate.


If the object is not selected, you can click and move without them changing size. If small objects are already selected, then it often will grab the resize handles instead. Just click away from it before you click the object you want to move. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not a problem.


Thank you! I really appreciate you addressing these minor things that have been super annoying.

I know about the object not being selected one…but forget. Annoying. Perhaps now that I have something to refer to I can remember. :slight_smile:

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NP. It gets easier the more you use it.

I’ve had it for several years and have just been working around these things. :frowning:

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Everything is explained here now. (A lot has probably been added since you got your machine.)


One thing not mentioned in the keyboard shortcuts is when zooming in, the movement the arrow key gives gets smaller at increased zoom levels, giving finer and finer adjustment to placement. :sunglasses:


To avoid accidental resizing I only use the arrow keys to move an object.


I’d love it if objects could ONLY get scaled by dragging the corner handles. I get super annoyed when dragging the bounding box adjusts size. We t would also be nice to know how much something has been scaled.

As not every interface device has a mouse a toggle switch for this would be a nice to have feature.

Given the shortcuts are for a keyboard I find I have to connect my BT keyboard to my iPad often to position things easier. I only use my iPad, so I’d like to see them do more testing on tablets (iOS or Windows) to improve the controls for touch devices.

Yes but… do they? I wonder when the breakdown is of people who use touch devices and people who want these things? There’s a minimum complexity problem here… if they want a unified interface (all evidence says yes, but things could change) then adding touch features to the non-touch interfaces is a big loss for the traditional computer crowd which may [or may not] greatly outnumber the tablet types.

I can’t say what the breakdown is, nor can I say about the complexity of splitting the UI to be touch vs non-touch, but I think those questions would need to be answered (and probably already have been answered internally at GF) before any work started on that.

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I’m sure the vast majority of users have standard keyboards and mice. So I’m not saying ditch them. It I think more testing of the browser interface on touch devices would lead to some fine tuning. I can’t copy & paste without a keyboard for example or control rotation because I can’t press shift at the same time. Hence the need for my BT keyboard.

I just wish they’d test it more and perhaps even note the limitations of touch devices with their browser interface.

Well, to be fair we have no idea how much they tested, or what they were trying to test for/enable people to do with mobile interfaces, but I hear you. This is why we have the forum, to give feedback on stuff you’d like to see!

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