Eclipse from New Mexico


We have been overcast all morning, so I did not even bother to prep. About ten minutes before the max coverage I saw the sun peak out. I scrambled to get my DSLR and telescope with solar filter ready. Gave my folks a call to run on down. We managed to get a pretty nice show.

I don’t have an adapter for my telescope for my current DSLR, so here is a shot taken with my cellphone, sorry.

And just a shot of how dark blue the sky got during.


KY just finished. Link to my thread.


That’s some really nice coloring.


Some pics from under the grapes

The chickens were very unhappy. …two hawks decided to wait the Eclipse out right over the chicken coop. One of them landed and then flew past me about 2 ft away. Awesome and sorry for being to slow with the camera on that.


Wow…that’s really fun!


Sorry for this really bad cell phone picture, but we had almost the opposite here in Michigan. It has been clear all morning and just after maximum eclipse the clouds started rolling in. It great to see the perspective from about the same distance from the path of totality.


Beautiful shots! (I was out in the driveway with the pinhole camera.) :grinning::+1:


I live in a desert town that gets 320 days of sunshine per year.

Which day does it get cloudy? Yep. Was a big No-Go here.


Bummer :frowning:


Gorgeous shots!


Nah, not a biggie. I’m not in the path of totality anyway, and eclipses are not that rare. I’ve lived through 8 of them in 41 years.


Overcast Chicago checking in…

Cropped from the 70D fitted with a 300mm telephoto.


we had a partial eclipse in Utah
(Thanks Glowforge for the pinhole viewer)


Nashville shadows in the trees.