Eclipse photo from the center line


We drove down to Cheddar, SC for the eclipse. It was in the middle of nowhere, but the view was amazing. I got some great photos, and the locals got so excited, someone emptied a full 21 round 9mm magazine and a semi truck ran into a building during the totality. Here’s the shot I got while that was happening:


That’s just beautiful.


Glad you survived the excitement.

Great picture!


It’s the hole they shot in the sky that sells it. :smirk:

Beautiful photo!


Awesome shot!! Thanks for sharing with us non totality viewers…lol


Great shot!


I like the semi part of the story. Guy really couldn’t just pull over for a few minutes?


It sounds like he did… just into a building.


And from the center line in Madras, OR.


Stunning images!


Great shot! Sounds like memories were made in all the pandemonium.


Gorgeous pics! We just went on the deck and there it was. Not on the line, but close (on the east side of Greenville). It was quite a thrilling experience. Here’s the underrepresented post totality, and the lovely sunset this evening. A sort of cloud eclipse.


Dan…I know you took your family to the Oregon coast. I hope the clouds parted enough for you to all be able to see this amazing event. I know it got a little overcast over there. I can’t imagine how disappointing it would be to miss it after so much planning and anticipation.


HUGE fog bank rolled in an hour before totality. Most of the people there jumped in cars to go chase clear weather. DIdn’t matter, was amazing anyway. Also, had the drone way above the cloud line for the whole thing shooting 4k video… will share the footage when I have a chance to upload.


Got to the site south of Columbia, MO on the center line by 10:30 AM and stayed until after the end at almost three. Neat seeing all the folks find this off the beaten-path conservation area. Had good shade trees ringing a nice open spot. It was above 90 and about 85% humidity. Really good viewing at the eyepiece of my telescope. Wasn’t really set up for photos but managed a few with a web cam. Clouds interfered a little, but we got to see totality clearly.

Totality was just awesome. Very strange experience with the environment as the day sounds shut down but the night sounds didn’t quite get going. The sudden chill, amplified the thrill of seeing the ring.

A great day. Wonderful to have a common experience with so many folks throughout the US!


That’s lovely!


Thanks everyone for sharing your photos from different parts of the country!


Wow…that tremendous that you had a drone working for you right then! Looking forward to seeing that.