Eco Globe Stand

This is a stand for my Eco Globe that has live shrimp in it. The globe didn’t come with a stand and I was always worried that it would get knocked off the shelf so I made this wooden stand. The entire stand including the dowels were cut on the Glowforge. The globe was a Christmas gift from my daughter and her husband. in 2016. Look close you can see the shrimps.


What? How?

I made a pdf file that had 4 cross cuts 2 inches apart. I placed the dowel on the laser platform and positioned the pdf file with the cuts over the dowel. I also placed small weights on the ends of the dowel to keep it in place during the cuts. I set the laser to high power and speed of about 100 and it cut the segments I needed.


Wow, functional yet beautiful—well done!

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Oh. So, it was already a dowel.

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Yes, it’s a 1/4 inch dowel

Great design! I really like the micro ecosystems.

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Thanks, it’s my second one. The first one got knocked over by a friend and broke :frowning:

Great job on it, looks like it would be nice and secure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes it’s very stable. I also have a hanging version made from clear acrylic

Nice! I had one of these, I ended up freeing the shrimp and got 100 more from Hawaii, O’pae Ula Shrimp. And now they have their own 2 gallon tank!