Eco Iron-On Question

I’m attempting the Eco Iron-On for the first time, and the scoring/separating step went brilliantly. My question, as someone who hasn’t done an iron-on since I put a rainbow on my jeans as a tiny child - can I put one layer of iron-on on the other?

Eg. I have a big pattern, with a smaller pattern that goes on top. Do I have to cut out the smaller pattern from the big so that both colours are direclty adhered to the fabric, or will they adhear to each other?



I haven’t tried but you could test both. Otherwise like doing inlay, one makes a hole in one for the other to go?


I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it should old be applied to the fabric directly.


I’ve done it, works just fine

It works on pretty much any surface that can take the heat pressing.


Oh yay!


The short answer is “probably.”

The long answer is it depends on the exact material you are using and its color. For example I was looking at one brand with lots of colors and layering was OK except nothing could go on top of two specific colors. That kind of guidance is pretty common from what I have seen.

The best thing to do is test what you want to do on an old shirt, then wash it a couple of times and see what happens.


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