Ecocon 3D Kinetic Magic



Surprised this hasn’t been posted.
These are super cool designs!!
Doesnt look like they sell just the plans, but I didn’t ask…

Site is in Russian so I had to use Google translate😜


I never realized african elephants were shaft-driven.

Would have thought they were hydraulic.:grin:


Good find. Would be good if they sold plans.
But it does give me more ideas.


neat projects! that got my gears turning! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ooooo, neat!


Made me think of the U-Gears stuff (which we purchased one of). Very cool!


I need to stop pressing those Russian buttons - I just noticed I have stuff in the shopping cart now !!. Better use the translate (although it doesn’t convert the price to dollars…). :nerd:


Yeah, I thought of UGears as well. I may or may not have blown a good chunk of my tax refund on their kits. I tell myself it’s inspiration, because I plan on designing models and toys and such with my GF, but really they are just fun to put together.

And who knew that toothpicks could be so useful? Genius!


the mechanics and the designs are awesome!!!


I’ve seen that snail done in lego somewhere. My brother sends me YouTube videos of all the lego stuff he’s into (he’s 14yrs younger). I imagine I saw it there somewhere.