Edge lit acrylic light bulbs



These laser cut and the etched acrylic light bulbs are quiet fun. Not sure how well they will work as a diffused light source however.



Looks interesting, from one of the picture where the lady is reading. It doesn’t look like there is enough light.


They’re only 3W (25W incandescent equivalent) according to the campaign. Unfocused and without an efficiently designed reflector they’re more nightlight than reading lamp.


Those are awesome! But yeah, more for decoration than function. Same with Edison bulbs. Which are now being sold with LEDs and that’s just too weird…
I might have to do some searching for a source of the lightbulb bases they mention, unless are making those themselves?


Whoa, that’s really neat though. Pretty cool idea all in all i think. Definitely more decorative than bright light functional, but that’s cool. Thanks for sharing!

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A few more similar ideas:


Darn those YouTube rabbit holes!


Those 3D designs look pretty cool.
Looks like we could make our own by just etching a the wireframe from a 3D render.
Not sure how difficult that would as I have no experience with 3D rendering, this is definitely something that’s going into my GF bucket list.