Edge-Lit LED Custom Signature Sign Plaque

Edge Lit LED Signature Plate Plaque - Double Acrylic w/ Signature Back Plate

I loved working on this project. It was my 2nd delivered GF product. I presented it as a gift for my manager and had everyone sign it prior. I used one piece of proof grade acrylic and 3/16" medium maple plywood. I documented full directions, hardware material list, plans. @ryandewitt

What I learned-

  • Test little 2d cuts of items that fit together in 3D at a fraction of the total cut, not scaled. Testx2
  • Not Vectorizing Text can cause a GF App file error that’s not clear it’s your TEXT.
  • Presenting this as a Gift requires packaging (not just gift wrap) Makes a huge difference in appeared Value. Think about the BIG unveil. Make it Epic. I used a Cardboard hinged Lid and had the light already turned on.
  • Cardboard Packaging takes more time to cut and should be considered as part of the Design.
  • Scores are WAY faster than Engraves. I’m new. Sorry. Wait no I’m not.
  • Everyone loves the Smell of Burnt Wood, a little too much. I think our Caveman brains are involved. They needed a GF in that cave to etch rocks.
  • Cutting crappy 3/8 plywood is too difficult and not worth it. Make your own ply. Build and glue up progressive thinner sheets.

ROFL! Great job, and thanks for the chuckles! :smile:


What a great sign for a milestone birthday! Bet it was a big hit.


Great outcome. Could you please post pics or any details on your approach to your base as it looks forged. If not forged product source. TIA

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I didn’t know we were allowed to post links to plans on this Forum. I’m not sure. The preview is on my website. 5 layers of ply connected with dowels and glue. The most complicated layer is specifically designed to hold LED strip and connector. It took me several days to get perfect.


It’s generally not a problem from what I’ve seen.

What is against the written forum rules and guidelines is asking for someone’s design, putting them in a position to say yes or no.



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