Edge-lit LED light


Tweaked a file from @PrintToLaser to have it fit in the LED base from @Kittski . Thank you both VERY much!

Used the new SD Engrave settings on PG Medium Clear Acrylic, and the base is from PG Medium Cherry Plywood.

This is a gift for a friend that became a Chemistry teacher this year. Can’t wait to give it to her later today!


She will love it! You’ll have to update with her reaction.




I’d look at that periodically.

Sorry, if I didn’t say it someone else would. :smile:


Great job on that! The base is much better than the one I used. Thank you for gifting that to the perfect recipient! :sunglasses:

Yes please!
I really enjoyed expressing that idea, and edge lighting is a great way to display it. Chemistry is such a wonderful science. Please convey my congratulations on your friends achievement!

The idea was inspired by a video I saw of a group of silverback gorillas, a large male walking by, striding perfectly erect. All the rest intently watching him pass. It stunned me to see the animal so comfortable in that posture.
In my mind reflecting an event in our distant history, where that adaptation left our powerful arms and hands free to explore the possibilities. The tool maker.
Relentless in its exploration, it would eventually craft a great ship, climb aboard and ride it into the heavens. Australopithecus to Einstein, it was just a matter of time.


Really Really Cool…!


I like how she explained all the elements that went into making it.


Didn’t get to give it to her until today … She totally loved it!

The Glowforge makes giving gifts sooooooo much fun!