Edgelit Night Sky

Easily my most ambitious project to date – using a series of pre-built connecting LEDs, I built a very large edgelit display made up of 4 panels, each ~12.5 inches wide by 18" tall.

I used stained glass paint to create the deep blue, and for the sake of time and light effect, actually cut holes for the stars rather than engrave it.

I’m still going to add some other effects to the front, and working on a way to minimize the lines between panels, but I wanted to share nonetheless.



Absolutely beautiful!!

Beautiful! I love how the light graduates from below into the upper atmospheric darkness.

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Amazing, love the effect. I know this is extremely picky, but i can see what looks like a line of stars going right across the middle of the entire thing. I thought it was due to the same file being used for each cut, but then noticed that the 4th piece was a different pattern. Then i realized that the 4th one is the same but turned upside down. (Sorry, my mind works weird. I love solving puzzles and pattern recognition quizzes.) lol Again, amazing looking piece.


Very, very pretty.

Quite stunning!


Wow, amazing! For some reason I’m thinking it would also be cool behind a large tank of tropical fish.