Edgelit with wood bases

I like the edge lit acrylic, but the bases are what’s most fun for me. I make my own. I like the flexibility it gives me in shape and size, but more importantly what materials. I thought I’d show off a couple woods ones I’ve been working on. I ran out of light strips again, so they are not assembled,

Spalted maple

Red Cedar



And a couple of the recent 3-d images I’ve done, because I can

image image


Those look great. Where do you get your strips and connectors from?


Those are beautiful!


That spalted maple stand is gorgeous! (Pardon me while I drool a little.) :drooling_face:


Such lovely wood. That’s a great use for it!

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Wonderful work and great designs!

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FWIW, I’ve ordered from both DH Gate and Banggood with good results.




Thanks for the links.

You’re welcome. I bought some time ago and it’s always worth shopping around on those sites as the prices vary all the time.

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Really great designs!

I managed to find led strips like that at my local Walmart a couple of weeks ago for $4.38. They were in a large bin by the electronics.


Did you make you own 3D models or are these purchased. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this style of hidden-line wireframe. I am pretty good at 3D modeling, and CAD, but of course I can take a screenshot of my model on screen with wireframe rendering, but that’s not a vector file (and screen resolution thin lines look terrible)

No, these are purchased. Sorry if it seemed otherwise.

I’m not quite that talented yet, and for the price, I just coulnd’t pass them up.


I’ve looked at a bunch of 3Bee stuff, it’s pretty cool, just figuring if I could see how they do the wire framing, I could make similar stuff.

Love your stands! So beautiful!

I found a tutorial somewhere… Here? I dunno. Somewhere. It showed how to use Blender to make 3D Illusion files. I attempted with a model of a TIE Fighter. I failed. Not necessarily the tutorial’s fault. I’ve just never gotten the hang of that 3rd dimension stuff for some reason. Anyway, google that and you should be able to find the same tutorial I once found.

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