Edit laser project photos

I’m no expert at photo editing (never took an official course or anything but know enough to get the job done, so there are plenty of ways to get what’s in the video done, it’s just how I do it.). I figured I’d make a quick video to help show how you can edit out your backgrounds, add a new one, drop shadows, and a few random image improvement tips along the way for your laser project or product photos to show your clients. Figured I’d though this into everything else instead of tips and tricks since it isn’t 100% laser related and can be applied to other things too:

Hopefully it helps someone out. Took me about 6 retakes of the video because my settings were all messed up on the new computer I’m converting over to.


Interesting! There were several things done automatically that are more hands-on in Gimp but as you point out you still need to get picky in several places that in Gimp that is how it is done. There are many tools like that which are used in PS that work in Gimp but I have not pursued them much.

There is a question, though not as specific in this situation, but can you save that masking as a .svg vector file. I do that often in Gimp and for as simple a situation as laser cutting around an engrave it is better than Inkscape will do.


I believe there is someway to export as an svg but I never had from there. I think I watched a video long ago about it but I could be wrong lol.


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