Editable sine wave


I need to create a sine wave as an editable vector, so that I can cut a long strip, the top edge of which is a sine wave, with a wavelength of 40 inches and an amplitude of 1".
I’ve tried to use Inkscape function generator, and though making some headway, I’m finding it difficult to understand what goes on.
For example, having got as far as plotting a two cycle wave, with 400 sample points, the wave starts fine, then seems to become

modulated as the value of x increases to a maximum.

Grateful for guidance, or anyone got a file I cab have :smiley:


I’ve made some headway.
Selected all the nodes in the path, and clicked on Auto-smooth.
Now have a fine line sine wave !
(to be continued)


Im more curious as what you intend to make


Imagine you want to make a cylindrical box with a sloping top.
The shape that will form the cylinder, assume that you’re going to cut a flat surface, then wrap it round a former, will have a straight edge for the bottom, but the top is a sign wave !
The ‘lid’ will be an ellipse.

My next step will be to master how to add tabs to the sine wave, so that I can have a ‘lid’ with a shallow wall that will fit the curved surface.
You may guess that I’m not actually making a box, but anyone is welcome to use what I do as a stepping stone to making sloping topped boxes !


How clever! I will definitely be following your adventures with this.


When I reach Corinth, I’ll start to draw up something, and add it to the forum.
When I get the Forge, I’ll be able to post what I’m really making.


Have you tried fusion 360? It would be perfect for this


Yes, a CAD program would simplify this.

You could also mock it up using paper since it easily bends and once trimmed as needed, basically generates the exact 2D flat patterning you need. You could then transfer/trace the pattern with Inkscape or use the camera in the GF to scan it.


This old dog has got to learn some new tricks :smiley:
I’ve used Corel since version 4, got as far as 8, then built a cnc and acquired enough g-code to get by.
I run a ubuntu machine, so I’ve started to explore Inkscape, and just found an elliptical box generator as an instructable.
It does seem to fit the bill, so I’d be interested to know if fusion might be better/easier on newbies with a shallower climb up the learning curve than Inkscape, before I get too involved.

Ah. I’ve just thought - are you recommending your methods for creating the sine wave, or adding tabs, 'cos I’ve already generated the sine in Inkscape


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