Editing a design from the catalog

I’ve downloaded the kitchen conversions board and I want to add a design element to it. Can it be done inside the glow forge app or do I need an svg file to do that in another program?

If so, where do I find the .svg?

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I believe catalog items are “you get what you got” and are not editable. You can only export to SVG, projects that you personally create and upload.

Though if you are wanting to add text or something, just create that in another app and then upload it on top of the cutting board and adjust it there.


That’s what I did. I just thought editing the “Kitchen Conversions” portion to a nicer font and add a name like “Bri’s K…C…s” would be a nice add.

I guess I’ll just design something myself. Thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:


For something this thoroughly explored, google will get you really far:


There are wheels worth reinventing, then there’s cursive-font laden “karen’s kitchen” cutting board texts. Dime a dozen.


Wow. Talk about the mother lode! Hahahahah Also, looking for Christmas gifts. Not to sell, because as you say, dime a dozen. Thank you.


Using that “inurl:svg” trick can get you pretty far when you’re hunting for a quick file.

Now, whether the images you find are free or not… that’s a separate issue. Lots of these results will be for paid files. YMMV.


Not opposed to paying others at all. Anything to make design bit easier for me.

Maybe GF could intro files with a license you could pay for to be able to edit. #justanidea


Yeah if it costs 10$ but saves you two hours of screwing with a new design that is a no brainer.

Your hourly rate may vary but mine’s really high for stuff like this :slight_smile:


So I haven’t downloaded that particular :glowforge: file, but for something like that you can generaly turn the section of their design that has the words to Ignore, and then upload your own art into that space. So for that kind of thing they are customizable. You just can’t re-shape the things that are there beyond what you can do in the GFUI.

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You can’t click on a certain area of the design as it was grouped together as one image. Unfortunately. I did think about doing a row of flowers or whatever to cover the words, alas, I think I’ve about convinced myself it just worth it to choose a different design.

Thank you for the advice, though.

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Got it - I went and looked at the actual design and I understand the issue now - the text is all the same so it groups together. I think they left the giant border at the top so you’d have the room to add personalization.

In a case like that you also have the option of running it with a piece of tinfoil or sacrificial wood over the spot where “Kitchen Conversion” would cut - and then remove that and add the personalization.

But overall probably simpler to dig up one you can edit! :slight_smile:


Thank you for looking at it. I do like the idea of adding a piece of wood to cover it. That’s a thought. No aligning it may prove to be its own reward. haha. I’m so new at this.


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