Editing and Engraving Photos

I have a fairly good edit of Sam…


I have a fairly good edit of Sam…

But Eli has a beard! I have been using gimp. It keeps telling me the assistant did something and when I try to fix it…nothing happens.

It did not show sam’s photo in the first

There has to be an easier way??

There may be, I have used Photoshop for the image editing I have done, even with that don’t always get erased everything that needs to be erased… so try, try again.

That looks way better than mine - It’s the shadow along the jaw bone that keeps coming out really dark. Should I change a setting?
I tried SD & HD to see if there was a difference.

I did this one on draftboard to see what it would look like.

I think you have to selectively lighten up the shadow, otherwise it’s always going to look a lot darker than the rest. I gave it a quick edit for you to show what I mean. I used the “dodge and burn” and the “brighten” tools in my Corel program to do it. I also brightened up the white of his eyes and highlighted his hair a bit. Good luck!


I could not get my Dodge and BUrn to work at all. I must be really tired because I know it works.

This looks great!

I probably need to take a class…lol.

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