Effective bed size?


I have a basic and is really the most size able to be cut is 19,5X11 ?

Any trick on not losing the sides of the material… my leftmost line in pencil is at 1 inch from the left side of the panel proffgrade.

Thanks for your help… looking to save on material loss as I am trying to start my business.

That’s the printable area of the bed, no way around it as those are the mechanical limits of the axis that move the head.

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If cutting in a single sheet, yes, you will have a 19.5 x 11 inch space. I set up artboards in Illustrator as 19.5 x 11 to make sure I use as much space as possible, then just pack all my cuts inside it. However, if engraving, you’ll have less space depending how large the engraving is.


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