Efficient material placement for exhausting fumes, smoke

OK, so maybe I’m overthinking this a little bit (wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of that).
I’m using the 6" AC inline exhaust fan.
If I place my material all the way forward on the tray (until it hits the door when closed), then cut at the top (back side of the tray), it would seem to me to be more efficient pulling out the fumes and smoke AND the carriage doesn’t have to travel as far forward for the job. I know I’m NOT taking advantage of the full sheet to cut at this point, but if all I’m cutting is small pieces (like a box) to put together, it really doesn’t make any difference in where it is cut. Then, when I’m done with that cut, I simply flip the sheet over and repeat to get more out of the sheet.
I know it is recommended to place the material on the crumb tray and go from there. I’m just questioning whether that placement is any less efficient for exhausting fumes and smoke.
Has anybody thought of this or am I just thinking too far out of the box? :crazy_face:

You’re over thinking the whole thing. As long as the air inlet and exhaust are not blocked it doesn’t matter where you cut inside the machine.


Do what you think is best, but I’ve had my GF for 4 years and have not noticed a relationship between the location of operations vs smoke removal. In all honesty, you may be overthinking this. :innocent:


The smoke gets blown straight forward towards the front flap by the air assist fan no matter where you are cutting, then the exhaust fan picks up the stream at the left side and sucks it out. So while it doesn’t really matter where you start the cut, when you are cutting close to the front, it makes more of a mess. (More goop deposited on the front.)

So that’s a decent reason for cutting at the back if you can. Less cleaning. :smile:

There are four fans in the machine.


That’s what I was thinking. :thought_balloon:

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