Egg - Acrylic/Wood

Was planning to make this in wood, but after @smcgathyfay 's little demo yesterday, now I want to try it in colored translucent acrylic as a lamp. (So i went in and let 123D stick some teeny dog bones in it.)

And eventually, I’ll probably test it with an engraving pattern, too.
(Might be overkill. Chuckle!)

No glue needed on this one since it slots together. 3 mm slots.

Programs Used:

123D Make

Assembly Instructions:

12" x 12" layout; 3 mm thick material

Egg-Acrylic_3mm (32.5 KB)


You may find that you have to custom design the slots to fit the actual acrylic. Thickness seems to be a variable rather than a constant.


You are making me feel super lazy not designing stuff ;p
Every time I go to try I get annoyed I can’t test pieces as I go and get all frustrated and trash it heh.


Yeah, I had to design these with 3 mm slots until I can get some actual material to measure.

(I’ve heard the 2.36 mm nominal value, but I thought it would be safer to design it a little bit larger than needed rather than smaller, particularly for acrylic. It hopefully will still work, but glue might be needed in a spot or two.)

Get going! :grinning: They need to know what we expect from this thing. (Even a failed design is a good one while testing…we used to test everything we could get our hands on, and sometimes we deliberately threw stuff together at last minute that we knew was bad.)

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I sent mine in via e-mail where he asked for one or two designs. I think I missed the info on this free laser design section though. So much to read, so little time in the day :tired_face:

No, it’s pretty new, just a week or so.

(Put some stuff up so we all can see! I love seeing designs…and there’s so much to learn.)


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