Eiffel Tower Cupcake Tray


My wife saw some cupcake trays like this on Pinterest and asked if I could make one for her friends bridal shower.

This laser has made little projects like this WAY easier!


This is SUPER!!!


Where’s the cupcakes? Looks great! Is it glued or just friction fit to flat-pack?


Sweeeet! (Will be even sweeter loaded down!) :smile:


Very nice.


Thanks guys!


Haha, bridal shower is a couple weeks away, so no cupcakes yet. It is friction fit for easier storage.




Cool idea and execution!


Nice job! Will be a fun display for the shower!


Is the vertical tower portion pieced? Or did you use a Pro to cut a unified vertical piece?


It is about 20 inches tall, so no need to use the pass through slot (I am still having a lot of trouble with alignment when I try to multiple passes on the same piece).


Ahh my eye got fooled. Good for you if you can get 20" objects because mine loses a lot of space in real working area-- it seems like between .5" -.75" or so from the edge is not cuttable on mine.


My “about 20” was more like 19, so I feel you on that. I had to scale down the bottom plate for the same reason (originally wanted to make it 11inches in diameter, but had to drop down to 10.5 to fit).


Oh, excellent job on this?


Thank you? :wink:


Oops. Doggone fat-fingering on phone…


Looking to see where you go this file? It looks perfect for a project I’ve been asked to look into. Thank you for any info! when you have a GF (laser) people think you can do anything. HA