Elaborate skull 3D model


Ok, I am still cutting, will post a pic when I assemble it. I hope this was worth a FULL sheet of maple.

Anyway, only odd thing is as it cuts the parts they are dropping a lot. Doesn’t seem to bother the engraving on this particular design. Anyone see something like this?


Nice, just drag your engraving up to do it first next time. Then you won’t have to worry about it dropping.


Pretty cool, my 2nd day of GF experiments.


I mean the parts DROPPED closer to the grate… prob hard to see in the photo. (dogh, I think I see what you mean! in the left bar, you can rearrange the cut and engrave order of operations… I didn’t realize you can slide it up and down… Thank you for the advice! )


A warp in the wood. I usually lay the board down and determine which way it arcs and will flip the material so the arc or camber is down, then use magnets to hold down the sides.

Nice project!


Skull-frame-engraved link to SVG)

ok ,I am trying to share and make things simple… I used Inkscape to import this from Thingaverse here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:924893 and made the Inkscape 20" wide x 12" This has the adorable embellishments. The slots are almost perfect for the proofgrade maple heavy, I needed to slightly sand or scrape some slots… just a tiny bit.


Skull-frame-Plain SVG plain (faster)


As @PrintToLaser said, it’s because your wood is not flat across the surface of the honeycomb. Almost every piece of my Proofgrade and non-Proofgrade wood has a small amount of warp to it. I store it flat with weights but it is a basement on the east coast. Humidity happens. I use magnets to hold down every piece of wood.

The real problem is that a number of people have had issues with the laser not cutting a design all the way through the PG. The number one reason for that happening is a slight warp that moves the material outside of the intended focal point. Usually not noticeable on an engrave but cuts are less forgiving.


yeah, I have it happen all the time, I’m just saying that it mostly doesn’t matter and matters even less if you will order your operations so that it cuts last.


Normally the GFUI orders the engrave operations first and the cuts second. If it doesn’t, on the left-hand-side of the GFUI click and hold an engrave operation and drag it up the list.

If you have a series of cuts, where you are cutting smaller objects out of larger objects you may want to cut the inside pieces before the outside pieces to avoid this dropping issue. The GFUI likes to cut from the outside in. To avoid this make your cuts different colors in the file so they are different operations in the GFUI. There are other threads about how the GFUI determines cut order by color. To manually override the GFUI cut order you can do the same drag and drop thing.


Thank you and the others for the helpful feedback. I tried to upload the SVG’s, but there is no link showing. Any suggestion for sharing the SVG’s? I just want to share the files if anyone wants to try and make this.


Drag and drop, right over your typing area. :slightly_smiling_face: (Oh you might want to zip it first, otherwise Discourse can do a number on the SVG files.)


I used the “upload” button, and it adds a link that doesn’t appear. Will try dragging it


You’ll need to resize the upload link so it shows. Here’s an example.

Here’s a drag & drop:

Sometimes they come in very small like this:

So in the link text that looks something like this:

You want to change the 21x29 to something like 210x290 and you’ll see it show up like the first two examples.


Thank you for the svg file! Wishing our Glowforge would be here before Halloween. Should have the email by then though! :slight_smile:


It might help to set cuts to be last. Your skull is pretty cool indeed for Day 2!


Thank you! You are 100% correct, I didn’t realize that I could simply drag the steps to rearrange the order. Love this system, it has been so exciting to finally get it, and honestly you have really exceeded my high expectations. I do wish / hope the software is updated to let you delete and/or skip a step, and there needs to be a “save” once I get a nice layout setup. Throw in a “primitives circle & rectangle” tool for basic cutouts :slight_smile:


You can set any step to Ignore temporarily now…just click the little arrow out to the right of the thumbnail. :slightly_smiling_face:

(And Saving Settings is something a lot of us would like later.) :wink:


Thanks! that worked!!! I didn’t realize that’s what the numbers in the URL were for… The svg had white space to the left, so enlarging it worked! Again, thanks! My links about should work now!