Electric Chair

Here’s the latest project from my shop for the Spark Museum. We’ll be rolling this out in October for Halloween. Its a full-size electric chair. When it’s installed it will have a scary looking controller with big knife switches & antique meters, also sound effects & strobe lights to simulate electric arcs. Perfect for selfies!

I never know for sure whether its appropriate to post these projects here, since most of the materials are not cut on the Glowforge. However, I used the GF extensively for templating (cardboard) and all of the leather was done on it as well.


If anybody complains move it to “everything else” otherwise, as long as you’re using the GF for some of it there should be no problem.

I can imagine this will a hit with the visitors! You should create a hashtag for the selfie posters to use on Instagram or other social media so you can enjoy their photos.


I always enjoy seeing your creations, John. Even if there’s just a touch of GF involved.


Macabre but I like it. It’s historical. And looks dang cool. Good job.


Definitely museum worthy! Excellent work.


Thanks. We’ll be exhibiting it as a replica artifact, complete with interpretation & backgound on the development of the electric chair.


Perhaps have a wet sponge available. Otherwise, it will be Delacroix in Green Mile all over again.


That’s an awesome build. Imagine how much more fun it would be with some sort of buzz effect maybe where the wrists would be strapped down.
Something like this:


Yes! Next step is to build the controller, which will be equally scary looking. There will be two large knife switches, a couple of big old 1920s meters & a ceiling lamp in an antique light fixture. When the first switch is thrown there is a loud sound like a big generator starting up. The ceiling light will gradually increase brightness. With the second switch, electric arc sound effects combined with strobe lights hidden beneath the chair will trigger, and the ceiling light will flicker and dim under the “load”. After a few seconds everything goes quiet, there is a pause, and then the light at the top of the headpiece will turn on.


A very interesting story with Medieval Times. They built the first one near Disney in Orlando with three sections. There was a dinner and show that was the main draw, and then they built a Medieval Village showing off various crafts. (All the costumes were in fact made on an 800 year old loom.) And last was a torture dungeon that all the stuff was not actually old but made in the craft area. (it was very interesting that the depictions were of England and not the Spanish Inquisition as the owner was a Spaniard with some title).

As it turned out the dungeon brought in way more money so only it and not the village was part of the clones they built across the nation. A sad commentary but true.


Definitely macabre! But cool build! Spooky!


It will be awesome! I hope you show us a video of it in operation.