Electrical outlet plate

This design had a challenge, I couldn’t just mirror or copy corner L to 7 if that makes sense because of the 1/2" cut off the top but I got it to fit with tweaking some of the filigree. Also my camera is off about 1/8" so I made 8 little dots, 4 per outlet opening and lightly scored them, moved the wood a bit then scored it all. Now to make a new design that will be on new wood, and mirror-able or L rotatable, there’s probably a word for that, polar array of 2, I think?


That is a nice upgrade!


OOOOOOO! Might have to do something similar at our house to make our covers look a little nicer!

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Nice result.

Beautifully done - and smart on the dots!

Have you run the Camera Calibration? Most folks end up sub-millimeter after they do - along with using Set Focus of course.

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Pretty. But I cringe. A bit, anyway.

Plain wooden switch and outlet covers may look good (that one up there does) but they are most definitely not UL approved. UL approved wooden faces are usually laminated to a metal backplate. You want UL approved (or at least, duplicated construction) for a reason. The cover should be fireproof or at least, fire resistant (plastic ones are resistant not proof, obviously). There are also requirements for things like electrical arc resistance, which naked wood may not be all that good at. Governed by UL 514D “Cover Plates for Flush Mounted Wiring Devices”.

Go to Home Depot and see if you can find a flat steel cover plate you can glue your wooden cover to, so it’ll look pretty and also be safe!


Or just buy a solid wood one that already has the metal plate, which is likely what was done here. I mean, someone might route those corners, but only if they were really bored!

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Ah. Good point. My “electrician radar” was going off so loudly I didn’t think of that! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware of that, it came with the house and it does have a metal plate embedded in the back so I hope all will be well. I’m making another from scratch using PG med. maple, now that I know it needs metal, I suppose I’ll fold alum foil to 4 layers and hot glue it to the back. If you don’t ever hear back from me, you’ll know what happened! … or it’s COVID-19 :mask:
PS, next one will be a light switch plate if that matters electrically.

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