Embroidery digitizing recommendations?



I’d like to tap into the breadth of knowledge and experience in this group. Do any of you have recommendations for reasonably priced or free embroidery digitizing software or a service that will do it? A few years ago, I used software that was free for less than so many thousand stitches but they did away with the free version. I’m fine paying a reasonable amount but, since I will likely only need it a half dozen to a dozen times a year, I can’t justify some of the nice high end software. I would also consider sending the vector artwork to a service to get it digitized if the price is less than the profit I anticipate earning from the design. I have one 8" x 4" design I’d like to get digitized right now. Thanks!


I have PE Design Next. If you just need a few things done I can help out for SUPER CHEAP. It is a hobby of mine so do not expect professional results.


Thanks for the response! Does that only work with Brother embroidery machines? Or does it export to industry-standard formats? I have a local embroidery company I use to produce the products. I’m just looking to save some money on the digitizing step.


Looks like it only saves as a PES format. What do they save it as?


I believe they use DST. This video shows how you should be able to EXPORT to that format.

I downloaded a trial version but the export feature is unavailable. If you have the feature, I may be willing to pay you to convert this one design into a couple formats to see if my embroiderer can use any of them.


You can also download Wilcom Truesizer which can be used to convert embroidery files from one format to another. .Pes to .dst is no problem. It does not save in .art (Bernina) because of the proprietary nature of Bernina software. It was a free download the last time I checked. I’ve been using it for years to convert files.