Emoji Madness on Discourse



Since Discourse updated their emojis, I thought it would be helpful to see them all in one place.

Also, quick tips for emoji’s

  1. Typing a colon : (with a space before it) will give you the emoji shortcuts. Just begin the typing the emoji name (without a space after the colon) and the shortcut will narrow down to the choice you want (then just click on it) or just type the full emoji name out and finish with a colon (no spaces after the emoji name).
  2. Clicking on the smiley face between the dash and the gear will bring you up the selection box with tabs across the top and forward and backward buttons in the lower right to scroll through your choices. They have added color choices (for skin tone selection also).
  3. Dan has a custom tab :glowforge: for Glowforge specific emojis

The Favorites (Star Tab) is per device and per browser. It does not sync between browsers and/or devices.

Also, I really need my GF :glowforge: to occupy my time instead of emojis :wink:

Edit bar image:

Example of typing shortcut:

Dan’s GF Tab:

26 Pages of Emoji Goodness:


Seriously need to get you a Glowforge immediately. But it is good to have them all in one place.:nail_care:


Huh? :no_mouth:


An emoji is born…


What’s an emoji?


Says our local hedgehog :hedgie:


An emoji is a cute little creature who reflects your feelings. He can be happy or sad, disappointed or mad. He can be active or at rest. But no matter what, never EVER feed him water!


:try_to_be_helpful_but_not_authoritative: < my personal favorite @marmak3261 haha


Non-authoritative :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, can you change skin colour like you can with phone emojis?


There’s a tone bar on the bottom right, but I can’t quite figure it out?



Only on the people




I am purposely not giving you a like. Also I think Western society has officially crumbled and died. Omg that is horrible.


I didn’t make the movie! :grin:


Cute enough conceit. But since they hit all the main spots, is there anything else left to reveal?


As is sadly the case with most movie trailers these days.


Also don’t get them wet after midnight.


Don’t get them wet at all…never feed them after midnight–that’s what turns them into gremlins.:smiling_imp:


Hahaha read that as SmellyCat…lol :smiley_cat: