Engrave by Color Default Shades


Just a quick example of a 3D engrave on proofgrade using the default shade options. I was curious how differently they would come out. These are all straight from the forge, and will likely look a bit clearer with some cleanup and the tape removed. Print size was small too, about 2"x1.5"



The middle one came out great!


You can clean some of the charring off the third one, which should make it look great! I use a tooth brush.


Yeah the first one, I am not sure what happen, perhaps it’s just the art but that setting seems useless. Second one is closest to my expectations. Third should look nice with a bit of a wash. I’m a total laser newb, but it seems like all 3 could benefit from more lines per inch as well. Maybe because im printing small? Not sure.


I saw similar issues with that lightest setting barely making it through the masking paper. Someone suggested that they got good results with it on unmasked material, but I haven’t tried that yet myself.


Interesting, thats prob a bug then since its proofgrade and I would think the defaults should get through the tape. @Rita is this a known issue?


I haven’t found that lightest setting to be terribly useful. It’s only 75LPI. I mostly choose manual LPI settings to get a bit more flexibility in color.


The LPI on the lightest setting is pretty low (75LPI). I had good success choosing the middle option, going to manual engrave and upping the LPI.


Yeah I may have to start tinkering with that, as I said I am a total laser newb and trying to see how things work out of the box before I start to introduce the chaos of misunderstanding haha.


I hear ya! FWIW I was a complete laser newbie before I got the Pre-Release unit. It won’t take long before you are an expert!


so, this is a fun demo and all, and i’m happy to blame the source or whatever,


i don’t consider any of these good enough to display, let alone sell.

i actually find the first one the most interesting, because i think it might lend itself well to fun 8-bit style engravings. i see now that these are 2 inches across, presumably large pieces look better because you have more effective resolution?


Here they are after a quick rinse with a toothbrush and the tape layer removed.


How deep is the 3D depth? I am confused because I thought 3D engraving was disabled.


One important thing to remember: higher LPI may give you a darker result (at least the way things are currently) because you’re zapping the same area repeatedly for any setting above 125 LPI. I don’t know if/how this will be played with as low power and so forth gets rolled out.


This is on 1/8th ply with a single pass, so the depth isn’t super deep. You can certainly see a gradient of steps of depth though.


Yeah, the world of lasering seems to explode in variables, hence this test of the defaults. I don’t think these qualify as high end examples of what the GF can do, its just what the out of the box settings do in this particular case.


Think it’s been said before, but the 3D more foolproof option in the user interface is disabled. Not the ability for us to create 3D with manual settings.


3D engrave is still disabled (at least I haven’t seen it yet), this is just using “engrave by color”, which still gives a pretty good effect.

Edit: @rpegg beat me again!


It still is, at least for my PRU:

That being said, Engrave by Color provides an amazingly rich, deep engrave on shaded files like this. I’m looking forward to having the full 3D engrave option enabled.


Yep, I’ve updated the title to better reflect this. In my mind it was a 3d engrave attempt, just not using the legit 3d engrave option (which is still disabled).