Engrave issue

So I have been engraving various designs with great success. Until recently for some reason the laser is engraving much darker than usual. I have the same setting as before. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

It would help us to know what material and settings you’re using. :slight_smile:

Many woods are different in different parts of the same board. As you engrave the crud builds up on all the windows lenses etc. And also your head fan.
That is most cases.

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1/4 inch maple. Been using it for months

Okay, I’m gonna just use my imagination for settings and what your results look like, since you haven’t shared photos to help us diagnose, but here go some guesses:

  1. The new results are on a different batch of wood, even though it’s from the same supplier, which has different characteristics / grain pattern / glue (if it’s plywood), so the engraves look different.

  2. Your air assist fan needs cleaning.

  3. Your lens is installed upside-down.

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Sorry I should of shown some pictures. I will have a look at my lens and the fan. Thank you for your input.

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