ENGRAVE issues with CorelDraw RESOLVED

I dont do a lot of engraving it takes way too long.
However, I wanted to engrave a simple rectangular shape within a rectangular solid in medium black acrylic. This was so I could give a structural look to a truss frame.
I created the truss in CorelDraw. Added the interior rectangles for the engraving as color fills without any border lines.

Easy. Except the GF refused to engrave even though it would take 2-1/2 hours to print.

What I didn’t realize is that in creating the truss I must have doubled the color fills adding and duplicating repeated parts.

Double fills from CorelDraw apparently kills the engraving.


Double filled shapes always cause issues, it’s not a Corel thing exactly.

Always a good step to be sure that you don’t have multiple filled vector shapes on top of each other.


I guess I thought it would work like double lines that cut twice.
Maybe a safer approach to not engrave TWICE.

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Yeah, if you want to engrave an area twice, the safer approach is to have only one shape in your SVG/PDF, then use settings to tell it to make 2 passes.

If you want overlapping shapes that aren’t the exact same shape, I’d suggest making your overlapping items in your design program with varying transparency, then export them as a high res raster image. Import the raster into the GF interface, and use 3d engrave/vary power, and you can do it in one pass, potentially saving yourself a ton of engraving time.

Something like this:

1: Make your shapes.
2: Set the transparency to what you need (I chose 50% just as an example)
3: Overlap. Nice. Now export as a PNG and go nuts with 3d engrave/vary power.

Alternately, use booleans to make three separate shapes, then reassemble your svg.

4: Use booleans to split your shapes into three separate areas. (whole other topic)
5: Color code and reassemble. Now you can assign different settings to the various parts in the GF interface.

Separate sections will be slower than using one pass with a raster image, in this case I’d say probably 2.5x as long to do the three sections separately, depending on settings.


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