Engrave on 3D printed PLA

I tried to search the forum just a bit before trying this, but there didn’t seem to be much experience with engraving on PLA material. Well, we have a friend who had asked us to try a project for him. His wife has had this little Whitman’s Candy sampler for quite some time and uses it to keep her dice and pencils in for game time. Over time, it has obviously begun to wear out. He asked my husband if he could 3D print a new one and if there was a possibility I could recreate the logo on top. Here are the results. I took out the crumb tray, added one sheet of proofgrade medium maple, and sat the box on top. I engraved at a height of .2 at full speed and at 55 power. I used the scan bed image feature to stick in the logo and engraved using varying power. We were quite pleased with the results and were super happy it worked first try. I did start with the power at 20, canceled and upped to 40 and canceled one more time to up it to 55 where I was please with what I was seeing. ~Jessica


Nice combination of maker toys.


Wow, it came out great! I wonder if there would be a way to rub some Rub 'N Buff or something similar into the engraved parts to increase contrast? Then wipe the top with alcohol wipes or something. But it looks pretty amazing as it is.


Wow … that is pretty cool!

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That looks nice! But I wonder if such a box is prime thing for making from scratch on the Glowforge? I got the Glowforge for a lot of reasons instead of spending that much on a 3D printer in part as no matter what the result was plastic, and the Glowforge could do many materials and anything that was a construction of planes it could accomplish. Those things like creatures or compound curves, obviously 3D printing shines but boxes?


That is a fact duly noted. I have done lettering on PLA surfaces in the 3D design but the laser detail is much better. Nice.


Are you going to paint it/??


Was this a PRO or a BASIC GF?


In case you’re not aware as long as it’s not full power, there’s no difference between the Basic/Plus/Pro settings. They’re calibrated so that 10 is 10, and 55 is 55, etc. The Pro will do it faster!

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Was not fully sure, thanks for the tip!

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