Engrave on shells from the beach

My neighbors celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in North Carolina at the Outer Banks.

I asked Ted if he came back with some shells —-I had never engraved on a shell. I surprised them with these two shells.

Thick Glass Green Acrylic - HD Graphic — Speed 300 —Full Power—- LPI 450



What a great momento. They will treasure them forever. I love how :glowforge: allows me to make very personal gifts at little to no cost.


Anything made with thick green class acrylic can look good with with stuff picked up on a beach as well :slightly_smiling_face:


These great neighbors are recipients of many GF items. I absolutely 100% agree with your statement. A very personal gift can be created in just a few minutes.

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Lovely and quite thoughtful


Out of curiosity what did they smell like while lasering.


Unless recently dead, or growing something of pollution from the beach they should not smell at all. If they smell of chlorine or sulfur you should not laser them at all!


No smell. They were washed before I received them.


I looked up engraving shells. I should have known I’d find your name on the post. You always think of things before I do!


Wow—- thank you!!! That is very kind of you to remember me.

My mind is always thinking about something that has to do with the Glowforge. Just tonight I just came up with a mind blowing idea and I have yet to see it executed on the Glowforge.

I will give you a few tips into my world of creativity and design.

  1. Get yourself a Vizio smart tv. Mine was like $100. Set it up in your craft room— hopefully this is the same room your Glowforge is located. You do not need to have cable or satellite if you have a smart TV.

  2. Get yourself a YouTube account. Pay the monthly cost for “No ads!!!”

  3. As you creating and running the GF—-watch YouTube “How to” videos. Subscribe to a channel and save the a favorite video to your own YouTube personal playlist. I have over 300 different playlists with thousands of videos saved.

  4. There are thousands of Youtubers, who do not even own a GF or maybe they have never heard of a GF but they are making beautiful things that can be translated for the Glowforge. All of these YouTube creators inspire me.

I promise you, this is the most important tip I can give you. When you leave your home —do not use your phone. Pretend like you do not even have a phone.

View your surroundings. Look at nature and see how colors are combined. Look at the clothes people are wearing and the handbags women are using. Go to the make up section in the store and see all the different colors of nail polish.

When you see all these things—- start to think—How can I create something unique?

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It took me awhile to reply to reply to this.

I am 63 and often DO forget I have a cell phone! Especially since due to all of my health issues I rarely go out. I am lucky enough to live on 2.5 acres of SW FL that pretty much hasn’t been touched since the house was built in the 70’s. I may be inside, but I’m always watching and listening to outside. I’m afraid I’ve passed it to my son, also. He recently heard tiny noises that excited his beagle to no end, and found this. The rest of the litter was dead, but he managed to get this one to a verterinarin alive.

This reminds me of me- I’ve always loved office supply,craft and hardware store wandering because of the potentials it opens up. One of my best birthdays (11, I think) was the year we were caught in a flood while tent camping, and my overwhelmed parents simply took me to an office supply store and set me loose - carefully monitoring expenses,of course! I did some very creative things that year.


I have lots of wild backyard critters. Rabbits, opossums, chipmunks, squirrels and an occasional raccoon. When my neighbor sees a raccoon or a wild feral cat —they are immediately humanely exterminated with a 9mm.

Unfortunately, the raccoons are not afraid of anything and they might have rabies. The feral cats carry too many diseases.

While trying to catch the feral cats —we caught these cuties. These are released back into our yard.

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I had no idea but apparently the current 18 -30 group has decided opposums are cool. This is one of the ones I put on the jewelry box I made my future DIL.


I have been around them since I was a young child and they are so gentle. I could have kept many of them as a pet but they are still a wild animal.

Many years ago, I saw my one and only solid white one. It was so beautiful. I screamed like a child with excitement when I saw it.

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