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Trying to engrave center of a white ceramic plate. It is roughly 1" from bottom plate to rim of plate. It will not engrave. When i try to do a glass plate on flip side of plate works no problem.

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It is good you have a Glass Plate… That idea does mot work at all well with my aluminum one. There is no way to have the rim low enough to still have the bottom still in range. Yes I was sad about that too.

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The Glowforge focus range is 1/2". Something 1" deep won’t engrave because to clear the 1" lip puts the printhead more than 1/2" from the bottom surface.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit a snag.

You can print on objects up to 2" thick by removing the crumb tray. However, your Glowforge can’t focus too far down, so you may need to put something laser-compatible underneath your material to lift it up. Raise it until the top surface of your material is between 1.5" and 2" (50 mm) high, measured from the metal plate on the bottom.

Our community has developed some great Tips and Tricks, and this illustrated guide might be just what you need.

Since this problem is being seen on materials that were purchased from another company, we can’t offer support for prints that don’t come out as expected. Materials may vary widely from piece to piece, even if they’re created by the same manufacturer.

I’m going to move it to Beyond the Manual so other folks here can help. Should this happen with a print on Proofgrade materials, please open a new ticket in Problems and Support and we’ll help you right away!


I still think the 1" lip of the plate will interfere with the travel of the gantry. It may end up popping the gantry off the rails no?


One can lower the rim enough to not hit, but then the center is too low to br used.

My point exactly. You can’t laser it because to get it in range the lip of the plate will hit the gantry. The info the staff member gave is going to confuse this user and possibly damage their machine.

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