Engrave Shovel Handle

Is there anyway to engrave a long shovel handle? Is there a way to leave the door open and still have the Glowforge function? I have the Pro.

My husband really would like me to engrave some clam digging shovels for some good friends.


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If you utilize the search function using the term “door hack” you will get some answers.


As an alternative to engraving the handle itself, I have had success in using laser engravable metal (coated brass or aluminum from Johnson Plastics). Pretty easy to obtain a nice, sharp image - then cut to a small shape that can be bent to fit the wooden handle and attach with brass screws. Cutting the metal might be the only tricky part if you don’t have a metal shear, but hand shears will work.


Just moving this to Beyond the Manual.

It’s possible, but only by bypassing the safety features.


I think that depends on the shovel handle length. I’d say you’re probably right @ekla, but if it’s a small shovel like a trowel you might be able to do it in-machine.

@mttripletee, got a pic or model name of the shovel?

Also welcome to the forum, it’s always great to see new Glowforgers!

EDIT: @ekla gently pointed out that you said “long” shovel handle, so I guess I’d put it at “very likely” that you’ll need to bypass the door safety locks. :slight_smile:


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