Engraved 2 Layer Acrylic Anniversary Card

This is an IPI product purchased from Johnson Plastics. Store page here.

Per suggestions here, I removed the plastic film beforehand. The quarter sheet fits into the Pro feeder slot width wise but some length remains outside.

Settings used:

Material Thickness 0.0625 in
Engrave 1000/15/675 lpi, Auto Focus Height, 1 pass
Cut 180/100, Auto Focus Height, 1 pass

It does produce a noticeable smell, so proper ventilation required!

There are some issues with how the Glowforge algorithm interprets the SVG file. I work in Illustrator. The next print I will make sure to unite any visually overlapping compound shapes to avoid the false outline errors, e.g., where the leading swash of the N and the Y intersect other letters in Anniversary. In contrast, the swash for the Y returns through the base of the glyph and is part of a single compound shape.

Next: 3 Layer!


Nice looking card. The overlapping engraves get/got most of us at least once.


This turned out very nice!


Gives a beautiful engraving!


Very classy card!


Gosh, that wood acrylic really looks nice! Might have to get me some of it.


Holy cow! My wife is gonna be sooooooooooo mad at you for showing me where to buy burl wood acrylic! How thick is the burl you bought? Because it come in 1/32 and 1/16.

How did you deal with the stripe of gold? What are the dimensions of your project, if I may ask.

Now you have me going down the rabbit hole for burl grained acrylic. I’m thinking may real veneer applied to PSA acrylic. :thinking:


I used 1/16in material. I think the 1/32in is intended to be affixed to other surfaces, including curved.

I don’t understand what you mean by “stripe of gold”.

I intended it as a card, so it’s about 6" x 6". In hindsight I should have scaled it precisely to fit into a card envelope. I did have to edit the swashes to make them more visible in the engrave at the size of the project.

I did another project where I cut real wood veneer to apply to a brass plate, mostly lettering. The labor and dexterity required was brutal, and the veneer lasted about 3 years in an outdoor setting even with reapplying a clearcoat. I just redid that project using 2 layer acrylic (copper over black), which doesn’t look quite as authentic, but was 10% the effort and is marketed as stable in outdoor applications so we’ll see.


This is what shows on the site. Looks like a place for text. Not so?

I’m pretty sure that’s an image or a representation of the small swatch/sample of that product from the sample book. The sheets themselves are blank.

For about the price of 3 to 4 quarter sheets ($60-80), you can get sample books of every Rowmark and IPI “laserable” product to see exactly what they look like. I did.


that image on the site is showing you with that “gold” strip the color under the burl, so you know what color will show through when you engrave the burl layer off.


Oh! :+1: