Engraved 3-panel Edge Lit Mickey Ears

My mother bought a pair of edge lit Mickey ears showing the Castle with fireworks behind it for my son last Christmas.
She’s going to The Aulani Hawaii Disney resort so I thought I’d redo them Glowforge style and give them back to her as he hasn’t worn them since.
The 3-panel model requires 1.5mm clear acrylic.
Be aware that they light in a slightly different order from right to left so CHECK before you engrave your new pattern. It looks best lit from front to back.
Update: You’ll need foil tape to make these shine at their best. They work without it but putting it on the area around the LEDs doubles the light to the acrylic and prevents bleed from one panel to the next.




That’s taking upcycling and regifting to the next level! Nicely done, I hope she loves them :smiley:

A fun update!

love these!

Can I get the files to do this? I’m sorry if I’m missing a link or something. I just got our forge and I have quite a few of these type of ears I could personalize for our family… WE LOVE DISNEY!!

Just use the amazing power of right-clicking:

(The image you see there is an SVG file …)