Engraved box tops

Quick and dirty:


Boxes cnced by my buddy in maple and…cherry, I think. He wanted me to engrave the tops with “something”… he’s a big traditional woodworker too, so I pulled up patent illustrations of woodworking tools.

Took a little work to get the illustrations properly formatted to fit the aspect ratio of the boxes but it all came together.

Boxes: 4.45x2.45”. Lids: 0.54” tall. Had to engrave without the crumb tray. Used a cardboard jig to align. Lined with leather.

That’s it!

Oh wait PS. Bonus pic of the prototypes on 1/8” maple.


Love these!


That is SO COOL. I’ve been searching for old schematics but I haven’t really found a good source. What are the boxes going to be used for?


I have no idea. He cut them and just passed them my way. They’re a cool design


I like your choices for the engravings. They turned out great. :grinning:


You make me realize I don’t use magnets enough in my designs :thinking:


Yes, those are unusual shaped magnets, have not seen those before.

The engravings are really nice. Do you apply any type of finish to preserve the color, or just leave them as is?

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I read the title and expected some weird project that involved engraving cereal boxes. This is much nicer!


That would be serial boxes?

Cool designs


This is cnc so it’s sort of deceptive… the pockets are deep. These are apparently square 3mm-ish thick.

Like these:

BYKES 30-pc N45 Neodymium Super Strong Extremely Powerful Rare Earth Refrigerator Magnets Square 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/8" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KB37AHW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_uF2OCb3T6B6SD

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Love the illustrations … They look great on the boxes!

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Perfect choices for the artwork. I gave my CNC buddy some of my scrap material tests with maps, and he made some cool boxes out of them. This partnership works in reverse, too.


:100: Super! These are incredible!

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I LOVE the old tool patent illustrations! I’m def going to do something similar for my shop. My GF won’t be here until June and I already have a TON of ideas going through my head. This added to them for sure

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Inkscape can be here now,( unless you are already proficient in that or similar)

rbtdanforth makes a good point – design takes much longer than lasering. Any headstart you can get on your designs will pay you back later, your bottleneck is almost definitely going to be the design process.


I’m pretty handy with Illustrator and have started getting designs made up already, but June 2nd can’t come fast enough lol


Hi! Love your “patented“ lids. Could I ask your source for them? Want get something specific and not sure where to start.


I just googled for them. Bandsaw patent illustration should get you started, I think?

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Thanks, I’ll check it out. What software do you use to make them ready and how long does it usually take you? Maybe give me an idea of the workflow? Thanks.