Engraved crystals!

Too high power fractures it more. I rarely went above 30-40, though I have done 2 passes to keep the power low but make the image clearer.


Good to know!

These are fun! I’ve always loved geodes, agate, etc. They’re just beautiful!

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I so love the idea of being able to engrave crystals! I’ve been dreaming of doing some engraved selenite (satin spar). Lapidary style work can be really dangerous though, you need proper PPE / precautions in place. When grinding quartz based stones, you can generate silica dust and too much exposure can lead to silicosis and lung cancer. In addition to silica, stones like malachite and chrysocolla can also generate toxic dusts. Be safe out there friends! :heart:

Dangerous Dust | Rock & Gem Magazine Kitchen Countertops Tied To Silicosis, Lung Damage, Deaths In Workers : Shots - Health News : NPR
Severe Silicosis in Engineered Stone Fabrication Workers - US and Global Perspectives - YouTube

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Amazing. Love the patterns. Where did you get them? Self made?

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That is so Bloody awesome!!!

Hi , beautiful. Can you share the settings? I just received in mail and would love to test out the engraving on theses beautiful stones.

Sooo pretty!!!

The original post was 2 1/2 years ago and the person hasn’t been around recently. You may have to do some testing on your own.

Not the OP, but someone else posted this - it might help you get started!

and (actually this one is from the OP)

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