Engraved Custom Bollo Tie (made entirely with recycled materials)

I made these custom bollo ties of my dog using entirely recycled/ reuse materials.

I engraved this design onto the pearled acrylic sheet that was left over from a photoshoot at my job. For the magenta fill, I diluted regular craft paint with some alcohol in lieu of paint pens (worked great). The silver encasing and tie tips came from a bollo-tie-making-kit that was donated to my local creative reuse store.
I’m always grateful to create things from materials that were otherwise on their way to the landfill.

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That’s beautiful! That it’s made from all rescued materials is even cooler :slight_smile: Any chance the dog is a rescue too?! :smiley:


Very cool!!

Hahaha wow yes now that you mention it, the dog is “reuse” too :wink: he’s our perfect little rescue “pound dog”


I love that you use recycled materials. Nice work. thanks for sharing.

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