Engraved foods

Eat the outer ring first, keeping the center intact and warm?

outer pieces for crust lovers, inner for those other people.

:astonished: Did you make the Pizza Oven yourself?

Yes. It’s s beast.

From The Bread Builders book, or another source?

I’m looking to build one, eventually. But that is several years and a different house away :frowning: . I need a much bigger backyard than I currently have.

mother of god…
I would have pizza every day. what else do you cook in there?

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That is amazing- I’m so jealous!! My stove is terrible at cooking pizzas- can’t get the bottom to brown nicely no matter what. Maybe this will be a future project…:wink:

Rado Hand’s plans but highly customized for a bigger oven. Couldn’t have done it without Rado! I had always wanted an oven since I lived in Italy but looking at the Bread Builders pushed me forward with building. After assisting on two ovens with some other folks, I focused on my own. Sketchup was essential because I was using mostly recycled blocks and bricks with some custom sizes. The floor is 36 by 48 with a 16" barrel dome. Here is a full frontal but the doors are inside out before I

put the wrought iron hinges on.


I think you meant to post this link. I built a base for one, it’s there in the backyard, but I have yet to complete the oven. I have the materials stockpiled (except a hearth stone), just not an oven.

Thanks. Came back to finish the post after a freeze in Firefox and had something else in the cache. The next step,is tough. I spent pretty much every free moment for four months planning and executing each phase. I had a big nine bag mixer available and that helped. I used my own mix for the concrete having cheap gravel and sand available. Bought lots of lime and some kaolin for the firebrick mortar. Realized that I could only handle two batches a day after I couldn’t move the day after I did three batches. That was pouring the heat sink cladding after the oven brickwork was done. I had some help here and there but did most of it by myself. Imdid firebrick hearth and for the lintel stone I poured a concrete slab reversed on melamine. That saved a lot of time doing the tiling at the entrance and it looks great. Got some maroon color to add to the concrete and it came out great. I do have a wet grinder to polish but you might be able to rent one.