Engraved Leather Notebook Cover

So like @geek2nurse called it, now that I’ve started posting I’m hooked on the badges! So I’ll be sharing a few more of the things I’ve been making since I got my forge last May, purely for badges and likes (just kidding, I like making friends, inspiring, and getting to know you guys too!)

I do a lot of engraving on leather - mostly misc oil tanned from @SpringfieldLeatherCo. This is one of my favorite pieces so far: it’s a hand stitched agenda cover for my Hobonichi Techo Cousin planner (I’m a planner nerd, lol).


That’s a very pleasant contrast. I like!


Beautiful! :grinning:

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I think that’s my favorite notebook I’ve seen made yet

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Muted elegance.

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I must do something with leather. I just do not have any of the finishing materials. Where is a good place for a newb to start? Tutorials?

Almost forgot - that cover is really beautiful. I’ll second the “muted elegance” comment!


@gewubs Honestly I learned the most by just trial-and-error. @SpringfieldLeatherCo has some great scrap boxes and leather bundles, that you get a lot of great materials for a bargain price to test on!


Hey, I got you another badge with the 10th like!


Hah. Badges can be addictive!

The notebook cover is really pretty. It’s got a classy color scheme.


Wow! That is a very beautiful and professional looking notebook! Thank you for the shout out as well. Appreciate it!


It’s lovely! The design is perfectly suited, and the engraving really compliments the leather color


Yes, the subtle coloring is very nice, and kudos on the lovely stitching as well.

Nicely done! The contrast (as others have already said :wink: ) is really nice. Great job on the hand sewing as well. People just don’t know how difficult it can be to get saddle stitch to turn out right …

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What a gorgeous notebook cover! I love the design that you engraved. Question: have you engraved navy leather before? I’m wondering what color the engraving areas would be?

Thank you! I haven’t done navy but would imagine the engrave would be dark and wouldn’t contrast greatly. It much depends on the type / process of tanning the leather is (you shouldn’t engrave or cut chrome tans because of the fumes the tanning chemicals give off). I imagine a navy veg tan would take well, just wouldn’t be of high contrast. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your feedback! As you can tell, I’m doing research before attempting to laser my leather and the term chrome tans is new to me. I’m assuming that I cannot cut or engrave faux leather??

First off - beautiful!

Second - is that hand stiched? I’m just starting in leather work and wonder how to sew that…

The post is quite old, but states “hand stitched”.

Thanks @mrinken ! It is all hand stitched. I have diamond tip leather punches and do all the sewing with a double needed stitch and a stitching pony. It’s easy to learn and definitely takes practice to master but the end result is totally worth it! Good luck!