Engraved Leather


Here’s the final product of the video I posted last night. This is oil tanned cow hide. I cut it with my cutting dies and press, not the Glowforge. It came out really nice! I just used Proofgrade settings for leather.

Oil Tanned Leather

Very nice.


Beautiful! (I need to find out if Glowforge is going to ever offer any dyed leathers in their :proofgrade: lineup.)


"cutting dies and press"
This is sounding expensive. :smiley:


Those field notes though. Man, I know the perfect recipient for something like that. Must research… great job!


If they do it might be fine for hobbyists. The cost would be too much for me since I order full hides by the dozen.


Thank you! I’ll make it easy for you:


Gosh, that’s some of the finest leather work on this forum!


Son of a gun! I didn’t realize you were Blackthorn leather! I think I ordered a couple of belts from you years ago …those were the best belts…they last forever! Hubs finally managed to mangle the last one a few months ago and I was thinking of re-ordering but couldn’t remember where I got them.

And I just recognized your site when I looked at it. :smile: Serendipity.

Better order another cow hide, I think I just figured out his Christmas gift. (And mine too this time!)

Nice to meet you! What a small world!


Thanks so much! :heart:️:beers::facepunch:


great work man… wow


Oh wow that’s so cool! Thanks for the support, I’d love to make more great things for you! If you’re local to Los Angeles, I’ll be vending at the Renegade Craft Fair in December 9-10. Small world indeed! Cheers!


No, I’m half a country away, but I’ll try to get the order in pretty quick…the holidays are sneaking up like a freight train on steroids. :smile:


I don’t know which I like more, the one with dark stitching or light stitching. They both look great!
What kind of a stitch is the one with white thread?

I really like the engrave you did.


Oh, I didn’t realize you were Blackthorn Leather! You do beautiful work!


That’s me! Thank you!