Engraved phone case with dog drawing

When my partner got a new phone I used the opportunity to customize a phone case for him. I bought one on amazon where I was confident it was real wood (not plastic with a wood pattern or anything like that), carefully measured it out to make sure the engraving would fit on the wood, and engraved this drawing I did of our dog. I also added a little black acrylic paint in the engraved area to up the contrast. I’m pretty happy with how it came out!


Beautifully done! I love engraving phone cases :smiley:


Nice drawing and great result.


Very nice. I am sure he loved it.


You had me at “dog drawing”


Super nice job on that!


Sounds like we’re cut from the same cloth :slight_smile: It’s a theme in the things I’ve been making recently - hopefully soon I’ll get around to taking better pictures of the dog-drawing puzzles I’ve made recently + share that too!


The black acrylic paint looks good against the walnut. :blush:


I will be 53 in a couple of weeks.

For many years, I would think “What is my purpose in life?” “What am I supposed to do to make the world a better place?”

I wanted to know the answer and so I started to break down moments in my life that had a reoccurring theme. There was one common subject from the age of 3 to present. Dogs!!

My purpose in life ——is to be the very best animal companion guardian.

To give my heart, home and money to make their lives the best they can be.

Sadly in 2013, I learned the truth about the majority of my friends. People that had been in my life for 20-30 years. Friends who were financially comfortable and could easily afford cancer treatments for their animal companions.

They would not pay for cancer treatments for their dog because to them——it was only a dog.

That year we spent $12,000 to save Dudley‘s life. We had two cancer dogs —- Dudley and Wallace. From May 2013 until February 2018 we spent $37,000 on vet bills. Dudley-$12,000, Wallace—$20,000 and Olivia $5000

In 2013, I ended many long-term friendships. I could no longer be friends and socialize with people knowing they believed — It is only a dog.


I don’t know anyone personally who is comfortable enough to spend 37k on medical treatments for anyone in their family but it’s fabulous, both that you were and that you never hesitated. Children are children no matter how furry.


This is the laughable part of our dog cancer journey.

Dudley and Wallace were both patients at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. I believe Dudley’s first bill was $800. This was just for bloodwork and the consultation with the oncologists.

As we are getting ready to pay the $800—the clerk asked “Do you have pet health insurance?” A look of shock came across my face then in my high-pitched voice I said “What?!?! — I thought pet health insurance was a scam!!!”

Very quickly I learned —- it is not a scam and it is regulated by the state —-just like health insurance for people.

If Wallace would have had health insurance our out-of-pocket with the deductible would have been $4560 instead of $20,000.

Since I am well aware of the costs associated with cancer and vet specialists we now have pet health insurance . The cost is near $60 a month for 2 dogs. There is a $700 incident/diagnosis per dog. It is also an 80/20 policy.

Here are some pictures of our journey. In October 2013, I decided to have Dudley’s birthday party with his medical team. There are three different oncologists, two senior Vet students and the support staff. Everyone of these people was on Team Dudley and some of them were also on Team Wallace the Westie

Instead of Dudley getting presents I purchased gifts for everyone and I provided cake and lots of food. A picture of a Dudley’s Garden. He is forever sleeping and it brings me great comfort he is in the backyard. In Dudley‘s birthday party pictures he is wearing angel wings. We called Dudley the angel from heaven. He went to Rainbow Bridge wearing his angel wings.

Wallace had a different type of cancer. Wallace started his chemo in January 2016 and after only one treatment he was in remission —-he still had to do six months of chemo.

The last day of chemo he received a University of Tennessee bandanna. This is a picture of Wallace’s Garden. Every year all the gardens have a different theme.

Go Big or Go Home is the 2021 theme. There is going to be oversized garden art and oversized flowers.

All the garden art has been made with the Glowforge and in the next few weeks Eric will start to open the gardens.

In June or July I will post pictures of the gardens and the whimsical garden art that was created for this year’s theme.