Engraved Polymer 80 frame, gun stippling

I havent seen many people post about engraving guns but I was able to get good results engraving a P80, which got a great response from the builder community, thought I’d share



Very nice! I especially like the first one. :slight_smile:


How on earth did you line your pattern up that perfectly with the grip? I’m impressed. There’s no second chances on a project like that. Something like that would look good on my Glock 43, although it already has a light texture of its own.

I can’t speak for the op but generally it involves careful measurements and a custom jig. If you’ve never read up on how to use jigs there are lots of posts about them, just search and dig in.


I like the top one also!

I sent some passes over a thin acrylic sheet placed on top of the frame to get the alignment.


That is amazing. But as a word of caution when dealing with anything involving firearms. Make sure you are complainant with ATF regulations. That being said I have looked into doing this and you’re going to need an FFL (Federal Firearms License) in order to do this as a business. I talked with a local ATF agent in my area and my general (Not a lawyer) understanding is that if you are just doing your own firearms you should be good but once you do other peoples then you need the fancy paperwork from the feds.

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Thanks for the warning, I too have do research and came to the same conclusion as you. The solution is to engrave incomplete P80 lowers then you wont need a FFL because its not a firearm when new in the box 80%complete.


That works lol. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t straying into an area where the ATF could come looking for you without knowing about it. Amazing work by the way.

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What settings did you use. I’ve tried a few but never had this much success!

I too use my Glowforge to engrave my pistol, I started with a test and now that I know it works well I am going to do a lot more.

I did the Scull and the Flag

I did this using the Macbook pro settings


What settings did you use? Did you create your own design or did you find them?

The Macbook settings are preprogrammed settings that one can choose from the Glowforged User Interface from app.glowforge.com. Aside from the settings the skull is something I have seen other individuals use online.

Can you send me step by step I have 6 of these and yours looks amazing

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One thing I will recommend when doing this to a firearm is to run a test on something else first (BB Gun) or other material, then when doing it live, run the settings on low power first
I’ve had situations where the carriage has actually hit the frame and moved it mid way, also had some where the laser was too strong for the polymer.


This applies to printing on anything where you can’t afford to mess up the material.


Can you specify the settings you used ?? Thank you

@architech - what settings did you use?

I have wanted to do this for some time, but have just been too chicken to try. :slight_smile:

It looks very nice.

Are there any warnings on what to avoid?

Can you share the Settings you use to be able to engrave?? Thank you