Engraved rocks from Hobby Lobby

Yesterday I purchased a bag of rocks from Hobby Lobby and today I experimented with different settings. I am extremely happy with the results. Only one engrave was bad and I blame the files.

Only 3 rocks were used. I just flipped the rocks over for the 2nd side engrave.
I measured the rocks with a digital caliper and used manual settings. Speed 400, Full Power, LPI-340


Cute! (I sense a theme here…) :smile: :wink:


ROTFLMAO!! I want you to know I also love kitty cats. On the 23rd, it was the 8th anniversary of my Pepsi going to Rainbow Bridge. 25 pound Maine Coon. I miss him terribly. December 23, 2012

I will do some rocks to honor him.


That’s cool, didn’t know you could get such flat rocks at the hobby store. Yes, we need to see more of Pepsi.


Looks great, I’ll have to try it sometime


Those flat rocks came out looking great! I see you’re flexing your Inkscape skills :star_struck: and you’re sharing! :heart_eyes: :tropical_drink:


You could also advertise for a local window repair company, “ broken window? Call 555-1212” then you can distribute them.


lol— Inkscape was not involved with these rocks.

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You fooled me! :wink:

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I wish I had more pictures of Pepsi on my phone. :cry::cry::cry: I have to do something the old way to show more pictures of Pepsi.
Take his pictures, scan them into the computer then upload them to the phone or iPad.

I will share a story. When Pepsi came into our lives I did not know anything about the personality of a Maine Coon. Our veterinarian told us two things.

A Maine Coon’s personality closely resembles a dog and they love to fetch like a dog. The vet was correct!! (1) Pepsi never wanted to be by himself—- he had to be with us or the dogs. The dogs loved him dearly and treated him as an equal.

(2) Anything that was small enough for him to carry in his mouth he would fetch. A ball of paper, little stuffed animal, etc. We would throw something across the room, he would run, pick it up with his mouth, bring it back and drop it in front of us so we would do it all over again.

Pepsi was an indoor kitty because he did not have any claws. He came into our lives in 1997 and at the time I did not know declawing a kitty was very bad.

In 1999, we moved into our home. If the weather was nice we would be outside with O’Malley our first Westie. Pepsi was in the house, saw us on the outside and started crying. We knew Pepsi wanted to be with us but we could not just let him walk around on the outside —-he might get spooked over something and run away.

It took about five minutes to come up with a Tony the Tiger Great idea. When we were outside enjoying the weather —-Pepsi was also outside ——sitting in a great big dog kennel.

Then one by one each dog would be crying because they wanted to sit inside the kennel with Pepsi. For many years, three Terriers and Pepsi would would just lay inside the kennel.

These memories are so precious to me. Now Pepsi has his forever sleep in his garden.


The solid dog bone and the paw prints are my favorite engravings. Your garden is a beautiful tribute to your pets.


Love your idea but your post made me sad. I absolutely love when you include a video in your community posts.

Thank you my sweet for the kind words. Earlier this spring I made Glowforge garden art for their gardens. I used inexpensive wood, sanded it down, used the GF interface to create the art, painted them and finally a couple coats of outdoor sealant. Only had one strawberry to disintegrate.

Some of the art is hanging off of shepherd hooks, some of it was inserted in the ground and fishing line was used to secure the rest of them.

These pictures were taken earlier in the year. Eric closed down the gardens a month ago and there were an additional 20 pieces of garden art scattered in the gardens and around the gardens.

I like to create whimsical art. When I am sitting outside remembering my beloved animal companions I want to smile and laugh.