Engraved Sea Turtle on White Ceramic Tile in Wood Frame

I engraved this Alex Fox pattern design of a Sea Turtle on a 4.25 x 4.25 Ceramic Tile.
Alex has a load of patterns for purchase on Etsy.
I placed the tile in a wood tile frame.


Beautiful! Looks like something you’d buy in a specialty gift shop! :grinning:


Really Great!

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If the ridges on the sides of the tile bother you (i am okay with either way). With a bit of practice you can take them off with a dremel. I cut my frame too tight and had to take them off to fit it. Them come off surprisingly quick on the unglazed edge. In fact that is what takes practice, not taking too much off.


Interesting. The HD ones I’m using (the 16 cent tiles) don’t have the spacer tabs.


5¢ extra for no ridges!


that’s a reasonable explanation!


Oh wow, good to know! I’ve been sanding the irritating bumps off and would rather give them 5¢.


Thank You Jules

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Thank You

Nicely done.

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The ones I’m using are Home Depot Fresh White Field Tile 4.25"x4.25" “Jeffrey Court” brand (says The California Purveyor of Fine Decorative Elements on the box but they’re made in China :slight_smile:) I get the box of 100 but they also usually have them on a shelf as open stock but no box.

The UPC/SKU is 34647 96010

I’m getting them in CT. Not sure if they use other suppliers with slight design mods - like those spacer tabs in other areas of the country.


Outstanding. Thanks much my friend, I think I’ll break down and guy a whole bx this time.

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Thanks! I ordered a case. My local HD didn’t have them, but Ship To Store works.

Nice job!

Interesting. Wonder why some stores carry the ones with spacer tabs and others carry the ones without.

I suspect they inventory based on sales patterns. For sand blasting coasters, I love the white glass tiles and they also aren’t available at the store but readily ordered Ship to Store. I don’t mind. It just takes a few days more, but is inconvenient if I have a rush order and need a few more.


Check Lowe’s. My HD doesn’t stick them but the Lowe’s next door does.

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Sorry, I read that as ‘ship to shore’, given your handle.
In UK, it’s ‘Click & Collect’
John :upside_down_face:


Thanks for sharing. Some of my buddies that worked at Sears Holdings went to the UK in eCommerce. One was replatforming Office Depot. I imagine that they had to do quite a few shifts in vocab.