Engraved shotglasses

After a few trials I managed to consistently place the design on the glass. Had to remove the tray. After 3 glasses (engraving, not drinking :wink: I forgot to put on soap, turns out it works just as well without, I guess because the glass is rather thick.


Cool! It’s not easy to find a glass that fits under the laser head.

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Beautiful results! :grinning:

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Nice turnout!

Found them in a thrift shop :wink:


Great engrave, thanks for sharing!

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nice job

Did you use some sort of jig with an indexer to engrave on the curve? or did you just set your focus distance to the median value?

With the tray removed, was there much waste that would have been collected? That could open up some really neat options if there was not a issue with the tray being removed.

I wish the honeycomb part of the tray was spring loaded so we could adjust the height without having to remove the tray, it would be so much easier and cleaner…@Dan if you’re listening and redesign the tray I’d be a very happy beta tester…just saying