Engraved stone tile..what is it?

The whole process documented is fascinating. I LOVE the looks of those tiles…so organic and so interesting.


They were one of the first things my daughter and I tried - her mom has a PhD in Geology, so we thought a “fossil” in obsidian would be a good joke. This was in the first few weeks of having the machine, and there were lots of things to try, so we lost enthusiasm before we got a good result. Sometime I’ll have to try again.


I get why a fossil in obsidian is funny, unless you’re a Buffy fan then it is a project, but if you want to do fossils consider Travertine.


I was kinda going for “fossilized” wood


What settings do you use?

Aww geeze, I can’t remember. I found the project on the home screen and it listed the setting last used as full power (on a basic) and a speed of 300. I did multiple passes though so not sure if it’s the right one. It’ll get you starting point though.

Hey everyone, I’m looking into engraving tile pieces. I noticed this write up, very nicely done! Question: I’ve seen some videos where people have some slight sparks coming out when they’re doing tile. Is that bad, and bad with any type of material? They don’t look like big sparks, just tiny and bright. Thanks!



FWIW, this stone in this post has a pretty dramatic spark, but like Eflyguy said, it’s really no issue. Just use common sense and watch for any real flames. (Which would be really weird with tile lol.)

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Yeah was kind of wondering that as well. I see everyone obviously taking huge precautions. But with tile, I don’t see how it could catch fire. I have a camera system set up that looks down on the glowforge and I can watch it on my iPad when I’m in the other rooms.

I watch it remotely too. :slight_smile:

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