Engraved tile lidded box

I finally have time to post my Mother’s Day project. My mom is redoing her guest bathroom with a beach theme. I found some clip art of a tropical fish and colored it with markers. I cut the box out of proofgrade maple, but decided it was to light and wanted more contrast with the white tile. Rather than sand of the finish I used some dark gel stain. Then finished it off with some clear poly spray. I wanted to add a design element on the side and added a wave pattern that I made using the zig zag filter in illustrator and since I hate to wait I cut instead of engraving. Which gave the idea to get some ocean themed potpourri (which totally is a thing).

I am very happy with the results.


That is a beautiful piece!

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Here is the prototype. I added little feet too, since the counter might get wet.


Love it! That stain is really a nice color too! :grinning:

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Oh, very nice!!


Ohmygosh, these boxes are just gorgeous! I’ve been wondering what I would do with a tile if I did one; to put a beautifully colored one into the lid of a gorgeous box is a perfect use!

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Fantastic! Beautiful pieces indeed.

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Stunning! The wave pattern really fits the theme … Very, very nice.


Nice job coloring that butterfly fish!

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These came out really nice. While the joints are still visible, the effect is minimal and the end result looks more handmade/not so obviously laser made.

I really do like the smaller finger joints. I got the inspiration from @evansd2

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I upgraded my prototype with some paint.