Engraving a powder coated flask

First off - I’m a newbie.
I would like to engrave some black powder coated aluminum flasks. Below is the result of my first attempt using the “Silver MacBook Pro” setting that I had seen mentioned. The flask is slightly rounded.
I cleaned the flask with acetone after engraving hoping the aluminum will shine through, but it hasn’t helped much. I would like a slightly deeper cut to see if that helps. The laser made 1 pass on this setting.
Any suggestions on settings that will allow the aluminum to shine through??

First picture is before cleaning, second is after acetone cleaning.


Welcome to the forum. I think others have posted some settings for flasks. Try a quick search. I’ll see what I can find.


Hey @epconrad, I went ahead and moved this to the “Beyond the Manual” section as it deals with non proof grade materials. It looks pretty good to me honestly…I will go back on a post I made to see what settings I used on a similar flask


OK - thanks

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Haha, @dklgood I think you just beat me to moving the post. Must have been while I was typing lol

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Nope, you beat me so I edited my post. Quick fingers you have.


Are you certain this is powder coated aluminum rather than anodized aluminum? Here is a post that might help. *SOLVED* Help with anodized and powder coated aluminum


It said powder coated… but I really wouldn’t know the difference. I’m trying it again with 100 power, speed 500 and 400 lpi. 1 pass. We’ll see what happens.

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I used full power, 500 so high lpi. 2 passes. When done cleaned with winded


Hope the new setting worked out for you. Just in case you didn’t know, as long as you don’t move the material on the tray or the file in the GUI, you can run it again it will line up perfectly. (Even if it looks slightly off on the preview.) It makes it easier to start off conservatively and just do multiple runs if need be.


Thanks for the info everyone. Here is the result after I used “Barkeepers Friend” to lightly polish the surface.
I’m pleased with the shiny results.


fantastic result!


good stuff, that.

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Nice looking result!

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That turned out very nice. It’s nicely centered, did you place it free-hand on the UI, or did you position it in a tray or frame?

Oh, and WELCOME to the forum!


Looks incredible!

I did this awhile back, took 3 passesIMG_0158


I think this looks great! Was this with the Silver MacBook Pro setting with one pass? And then just cleaned with Barkeepers Friend? TIA!

Yep. MacBook Pro and finished with some Barkeepers friend. I’m very pleased with the result.

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Did you have to take out the crumb tray?