Engraving Aluminum

Hi all,
I’m trying to engrave Aluminum. I try multiple setting, but I can’t figuring it out a good one.
Does anyone recommend some setting?
See attached a picture of my result. You can’t barely see it and I clean it the engraving get removed.


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The Glowforge cannot actually ablate aluminum to engrave it. Marking aluminum requires a coating of some sort. Generally, when you see someone “engraving” “aluminum,” you are seeing people removing the dye from an anodized layer.

Searching on “aluminum” and “marking aluminum” in this BTM section should get you lots more info.


I haven’t used it, but I’ve seen people spray something on the metal before engraving and it shows up, but otherwise, it has to be anodized.


Awesome, I will try Dry Moly lube like I found in other post and I will try Enduramark and I will share result

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You can also buy anodized aluminum blanks, and engrave the ENTIRE design, including your shop’s logo or any other customizations… Though maybe your goal is to keep it looking like OEM equipment.

They also make laser marking tape, so you could cut the piece you need rather than having to spray over the area. I’ve not seen mention of anyone here using it.


Bunch of folks a couple of years ago. Search for Cermark tape.

They were handing out samples at shows back when there were tradeshows.

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What material settings is best to engrave on aluminum metal plates, since its not listed under the Premium subscription?

Search for “aluminum settings”. It’s been covered a hundred times.