Engraving Cattle Ear Tags

So I bought a glowforge plus to engrave my farms cattle tags. I’ve seen many people do it, but i cant seem to get it to work. What settings does everyone use to get their glowforge to engrave their tags and make them look so nice?

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There have been a few posts about cattle tags. Use the search function for “cattle ear tags”


I have, i’m not seeing what i’m looking for.

I found one, and settings were not shared.

It’s not a common use case. Test and find the settings that work for you.

Testing is the best way to dial in your settings, don’t deny yourself the joy of discovery!
Just make sure the tags aren’t PVC.


Do you have a link to the tags you’re going to use? That might help get suggestions.

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Ritchey Tags. I’ve tried several different settings and haven’t been able to get it.

Previous posts about Ritchey Tags state that they are layered polyurethane and tend to melt rather than engrave.


A laser is a versatile tool, but it’s not the best tool for every job.

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what about a lighter power using black laser plastic marking spray?

I’ve seen many people use GF to do this. Just wondering what settings they use.

Where have you seen people do this, and why not contact them directly?

Out of about 50,000 registered owners here, you’re the third to bring it up, so not sure where the “many” are but I’m sure someone will pop up eventually.

I feel like @evansd2 :slight_smile: